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And the winners are......

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone enjoyed the Facebook Author Hop last week. I certainly had fun reading everyone’s comments. I think contests that engage reader fans through participation are much more fun than just filling out forms. Hope you agree!

In case you missed some of the ways to engage with me in the future, here are a few ways to get the low-down:
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Now, for the most important information…The WINNERS! (Winners have been informed via email and have till end of day this Friday to claim their prize, if they do not, new winners will be drawn)

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Barcelona Gourmet Sauce

Connie R.
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4 Runner up prize winners:
Signed books from all authors on the hop
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I hope to hear from you in the near future. More than likely there will be more contests to come before the end of the year! Thank you again for your loyalty as readers and encouragement I receive on a daily basis. May you be encouraged in return.
Blessings to each of you, Jane

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Barcelona Calling Sneak Peek Chapter 2 (FB author hop contest #5- FINAL DAY)

You made it! Today is the last day of the FB author hop contest!  I really hope you have enjoyed meeting all the new authors just as much I have enjoyed meeting each of you.
If today is your first day here, welcome! It's not too late to enter in the contest to win $150.00 Visa Gift card and other prizes.  Be sure to visit my "Current Contest & Guidelines" tab at the top of this post to see how you can play along.

Not to leaving you hanging for too is the second chapter of Barcelona Calling.  Don't forget to answer the question at the end.  And if I have not said it enough these past 5 days....THANK YOU for being here and allowing me to share part of my world with you.

Barcelona Calling_Chapter 2
And for your viewing pleasure, here is the book trailer for Barcelona Calling.  Hope you like it, and if you do, comments on YouTube would be appreciated...maybe you could also share it on your Facebook wall?

Here is your final question for the contest....Did you know all five of the authors you were introduced to this week? If not, who was new to you? Are you likely to pick up one of thier books? One last step when you leave your comment sure to leave your email address! This is the only way we can get in touch with you should you be one of our winners.  If you did this in a previous post then you do not have to enter it in again. 

To protect you from them dang it in this format: janeatjkbooksdotcom.  If your email address is not included in your comment we will not be able to reach you and you will disqualified. (if you want to comment as anonymous, please leave your name and first initial of your last name in your comment so you can be tracked each day)

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I also want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Lisa Tawn Bergren, Neta Jackson, Rene Gutteridge & Nancy Rue for introducing me to each of you.  I hope you have been blessed by meeting everyone as much as I have.

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Barcelona Calling: Sneak Peek, Chapter 1 (FB author hop conest #4)

Welcome to Words of Encouragement!  For those of you who have been here all week, thanks for returning.  I hope you are having a good time this week... I am!  If today is your first day, you will need to visit the "current contest & giveaway" tab at the top of this post.  That will tell you everything you need to do to participate to be in the runnings for the contest.

With today being day #4, make sure you have commented on the three previous posts. Just click on the "home" tab above and all 4 posts will be there. 
Today just might be the day you have been waiting for...the first glimpse of Barcelona Calling (unless you have already bought it! If so THANK YOU!).
Barcelona Calling_Chapter 1

For you Twitterers...Happy tweeting! Here's your twitter link:

Today's question for commenting fun & contest entry: If you witnessed a fashion faux pas would you tell the person? Maybe you have before, or you were the victim of a fashion faux pas. Tell us about it. (if you want to comment as anonymous, please leave your name and first initial of your last name in your comment so you can be tracked each day)

Thought I would provide you again my website.  Feel free to take a look, sign my guest book, or write me directly.  Always a pleasure to hear from my readers, or soon-to-be-a reader.

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Beautiful Barcelona; a blend of story and facts (FB author hop contest! #3)

Welcome to Day #3 of Jane Kirkpatrick's Facebook Author Hop Contest!  Is today your first day here? Welcome, you can still participate in the contest, just visit the "current contest & giveaways" tab at the top of this page.  So glad you are here.  Thanks for participating!

Today I am taking you with me to Barcelona!  Up close and personal as I visited some sites and celebrated the USA with my friends.  Come take a walk with me through the streets of Barcelona, maybe you will even smell some of the wonderful chocolate as we pass by!

Beautiful Barcelona! Las Ramblas is the walking avenue and when we stayed in Barcelona, we were just a long alley away from this vibrant, festive walk way full of street vendors, mimes, musicians and couples walking hand in hand. I imagine there were pickpockets there too but for my husband and me and our two friends, Sandy and Donna whom we traveled with, the colors and smells and sounds made it a walk to remember.

Our hotel was right off St. John's square. We stayed there a week and discovered the treasures right around us. Besides being close to Las Ramblas, we were within a few feet of a terrific chocolate shop, a bakery with meringues the color of the rainbow. A candle shop and an ice cream shop teased riders on the subway who stepped up into the plaza just a block from our door. We discovered back alleys that took us to old churches where I put a scarf over my head and entered, lighting a candle as a prayer for people I loved. Then through another narrow alley (that often had little shops behind old ornate doors) we found the entrance to an underground Roman museum. That was a highlight, it truly was! It piqued my historical gene and made me want to reread Francine Rivers Mark of the Lion series about ancient Rome. The Romans were even in Spain! I think I'd known that but forgotten until we saw the wine vats, the clay lanterns and other artifacts uncovered beneath the city.

A few blocks away was the beautiful Mediterranean sea. Barcelona is a world class harbor and a great many cruise ships depart from that harbor to visit places like France, Italy and Malta before returning their human cargo to the wharf in Barcelona. It's also a world class beach with white sand and bathing beauties of many nationalities soaking in that hot, dry sunshine.*

Or course one of the great tourist attractions in Barcelona is Antonia Gaudi's La Sagrada Familia. Gaudi designed and began building this grand cathedral honoring the Holy Family in 1882. It still has between "30 and 80" years before it's finished, the timing depending upon money raised to do the work. Each of its twelve towers represents one of the twelve disciples...and every stone is unique.

Gaudi designed this amazing cathedra structure and created a miniature upside down to affirm to skeptics that the design would hold. It's one of the most memorable pictures we took there...and the model is placed on a mirror so one can see the image as it's supposed to be with little tiny bags of sand demonstrating this singular design begun more than 100 years ago.

The bus and rail service is excellent in Barcelona and even novices like us could find our way around the city. Incidentally, underground, where the rail lines are, there are shops and shops! It's like a city beneath the city but not as ancient as that Roman one.

We were in Barcelona for the Police and Fire Games, begun in 1985 in San Jose California. Now the events, held every two years, are scheduled around the world with more than 15,000 active or retired police and firemen competing. This year's event was held in New York City; in 2013 it'll be in Ireland. Just like the Olympics, there's an opening ceremony with fly-overs and fireworks and music and the entry of the thousands of competitors. (With my nephew just becoming a St. Paul policeman, maybe one day we'll get to see him compete!)

When we were there, it was the first competition after the attack on 9/11. The host country always comes in last...and they walked in WITH the United States as a sign of solidarity. It was very moving for all of us and an unforgettable night.

Barcelona the city and the Games each play a part in Barcelona Calling. Miranda, in my book within a book, is a preschool teacher who has joined her sister, a competitor, at the last minute in coming to Spain for the games. She attends the opening night event and realizes there she is falling in love with a Barcelona policeman. Their courtship includes visiting the underground Roman City, visiting churches (and catching a guard asleep atop one of the church roofs where tourists are allowed to view the city). She and her policeman travel with his sister and two children during August, the month when most of Europe goes on vacation. They visit Lisbon, Portugal and the National Carriage museum where she discovers something about Jaime she didn't want to know. Will she accept his invitation of marriage or flee back home? Will she take a risk for love or be true to what she feels she must have in a relationship that she doesn't think Jaime will be able to deliver?

And how does that romance affect Annie Shaw, the writer in this book? As much as the book is about Barcelona, it's more about a writer's finding her way. Bookstore owner Deon Stonehouse in Sunriver, Oregon, is a voracious reader of fiction and she tells it like it is so I held my breath hoping she'd be willing to carry this book in her store. She read Barcelona Calling and loved it. She also knows some of the insider issues an author deals with. "Annie is on the fourth book of a four book contract and sales of the last two have not been brisk," Deon notes in her latest newsletter to readers. "To make matters worse, her advocate in the publishing firm, her editor, is gone and she is interacting with a new editor. Annie is afraid she will be dropped, a very unsettling fate for an author." To help her over this hump, Annie's friends brainstorm ways to get Annie's career back on track. They develop several schemes all in the effort to get Oprah to notice Annie's work. Deon writes: "Like all Jane Kirkpatrick books, Annie's story has her facing challenges and learning. But this story is very funny too! Jane has written a modern story suffused with humor and warmth."

Deon's words have made my day as we launch this new venture of risk-taking moving a writer along on journey to find what fame and friendship are really all about. I truly hope you'll enjoy it.

For today's contest entry: Do you have a quick story about falling in love when you travelled? Maybe a summer romance? If not, what about your favorite trip overseas, or yet-to-be-taken trip overseas?

Don't enter into the contest a comment must be made on each post! At the end of the contest you will have made 5 comments. Looking forward to hearing all you have to say!

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Interview with Jane, author of Barcelona Calling (FB author hop #2)

Horray! You are back (or maybe this is your first visit?)!  Either way..welcome!  If today is your first visit please be sure to first visit the " contest & giveaways" tab at the top of the page.  There you will find how to pariticpate in this contest.  Hurry on over...we will be here when you come back.

Today I thought I would share a little bit more about myself and my journey writing Barcelona Calling.  This is an interview from blogger/photographer, (she has done all my professional photos...aren't they beautiful!) Carole Marie


Whatever made you decide to write a contemporary novel after your success with historical fiction?

Good question, something I asked myself when I was half-way through with revisions and wondering what on earth I'd gotten myself into! Part of the reason for writing it was because people I admire (a former editor, a publishing friend, my husband and my prayer partners) encouraged me to write something a little lighter but that still could reach readers' hearts as my historical fiction seems to. When one of those people urged my agent to get me to consider it, I decided to give it a try and Zondervan purchased the proposal. Part of my angst is that I don't want to let all those people down in addition to wanting to reach an audience that might not read historical novels. It's a risk. But I read once that even old rats when given new mazes to learn actually grew new brain cells. So I'm hoping this process grew me some new brain cells!

Do you think your faithful readers will follow you out of history into the urban world of Milwaukee, Chicago, Denver and Barcelona, Spain?

I hope they do! I think what Barcelona Calling has in common with my historical novels are characters that people can care about, characters who make bad choices and struggle through them, and characters who learn from their mistakes. Annie Shaw (of BC) isn't a real person but she has a lot of me in her...I guess each of my characters does, the part where the character makes a poor choice and has to deal with the consequences. I also hope the detail of the international sporting event involving 11,000 police and firemen will intrigue people in the way that historical details do. How many people know of that Olympic-like competition? It's worth discovering. All my novels weave landscape, relationships, spirituality and work into the story-line and this novel is no exception.

So have you been to Barcelona?

Yes, in 2003, to watch the World Police and Fire Games. It was grand with competitors from all over the world. We attended with a friend who is a retired policewoman, who also competed. We ate the chocolate, rode the subways, got pick-pocketed, visited Gaudi's amazing structures, toured underground Rome and had the best time while she competed on various golf courses near Barcelona. Miranda, Annie Shaw's alter ego in the book, had many of the experiences in Barcelona that I did. I would go back in a minute!

You mentioned in a recent newspaper article that writing a novel without the spine of history was a challenge. What did you mean by that?

All of my novels have been based on the lives of real people or historical events that I could research by interviewing descendants and reading documents, studying historian point of view, etc. While I did interview people for this book, some who had attended an Oprah show for example, I didn't have that solid background of what actually happened from which to launch the story. I obsessed about it a lot and then my editor suggested that I imagine my character as the descendant of one of my other characters from one of my historical novels! That was genius. I knew instantly who that would be and began then giving her some of that real DNA traveling through history to contemporary times.

This novel has a story within a story. Annie Shaw is writing a novel she's called Miranda of LaMancha but her editor has other ideas for the title and for the story itself. Is that true to how the publishing world works?

Carole Marie Photography
I've always had great editors, terrific editors! And it is also true that writers don't always get the title they want for a book. Marketing and sales have a say in that. We don't always get our say about the cover...which is why some people have gone to self-publishing where they have more control. It's a delicate balance between standing firm to one's artistic voice and listening to the wise voices of people who have been around a lot more books than I have and who have my best interest at heart. No one wants to publish a bad book with an awful cover or with a weird title that doesn't peak any one's interest. Personally, I wanted Oprah Doesn't Know My Name but when it came down to it, I liked this title because of its double meaning: Annie was seeking a calling and she had reason to listen to what and who was calling her back to Barcelona and to that inner voice calling her to be true to herself.

The book has several emails sent to Annie Shaw about how her other titles have affected the readers. Are those based on your own interactions with readers?

Yes, actually, most of them are. It's one of the hidden treasures of writing, to have that reader interaction, to know that even if the book gets a bad review, there is likely someone out there who took the book into their soul and found comfort or insight or courage there. The interaction Annie has with her children's Reading Ready group is also based on interactions I've had with children and books and how much they touch their lives. I chose memoirist, poet, writer May Sarton's comment in the front matter, about her wish to beat out the critics just once rather than watch her books meet their individual reader one at a time. I suspect each writer wishes that at some point; yet it is that one reader meeting writer within each book that grants some of the most satisfying moments of a writer's life.

Annie has written three books and is trying to get Miranda of LaMancha finalized for publication. Where did you come up with the other titles for Annie's books?

Sweet Charity's Rose just appealed to me and it was Annie's big success, her first novel, written when she was in love and getting married. Don't Kick Me was something my granddaughter said jokingly while commenting on a friend who says one thing but then behaves in the exact opposite way. She pooched her bottom out and said "Don't kick me!" The Long Bad Sentence was actually the name of a horse I placed a two dollar bet on in Oklahoma City. It sounded like a writer's horse. But it didn't do anything and later I told my husband it was probably a correctional facility horse and had nothing to do with writing. I had Annie set her romance novel between a prison guard and a nurse working there...not the most advantageous setting for a romance novel -- which was just one more example of some of Annie's poor choices. Miranda of LaMancha is just a hokey title or at least I wanted it to be even though I hoped her actually writing of the novel suggested that Annie had talent.

The novel Annie's working on in the book doesn't have an ending, does it? Will you write that ending sometime?

In the first paragraph of the book Annie is reading the ending to her friends. But it's true, changes get made along the way and the reader doesn't really know how Miranda and Jamie fare in the end of that inner novel. Maybe I'll write the last paragraph for readers on this blog sometime down the road when they've had a chance to read the book. Or better, I'll ask them to write the last paragraph and I'll pick the one I think Annie would have wanted.

Thanks for sharing time with us today. We'll look forward to reading Barcelona Calling!

And THANK YOU Carole for the opportunity to be featured on your blog.

Are you participating in the contest? Great! Here is your question: If you had the opportunity to interview ANY author, who would it be and what ONE question would you ask?(if you want to comment as anonymous, please leave your name and first initial of your last name in your comment so you can be tracked each day)

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Welcome! Happy Facebook-Author-Hopping....oh and the contest too...

Welcome to Words of Encouragement, a blog of inspiration from me, Jane Kirkpatrick.  I'm so glad you are here.  If you have been one of my faithful followers for years, or today is your first visit, I hope you will grab a cup of coffee, tea, or your drink of choice & relax in your favorite chair.

This week is all about getting to know each other as I hope you learn about me and I, you!

Depending on what day you are reading this post, you may have been introduced to me from another author (Thank you for being here!).  So, I wanted to share just a few quick things about myself. 

My previous books have been historical fiction.  I take pride in doing massive research to know my landscape and story before writing it.  Sometimes it may even be about my family.  However, this time I decided to dabble in something a little different...contemporary fiction.  For those of you who have enjoyed reading about a woman character with sa trong personality & persistent to pursue their passion with fervor, that will remain true in my new story Barcelona Calling.

What keeps me going each and every day?  My loving husband, two dogs (Bo & Caesar), and you, my readers.

So, without further adieu...The rules for the contest are just a click away.  See the "current contest tab" at the top of the page?  Just click on that and then come back here...we will wait for you!  Simply put....every day on Facebook you will be sent to visit a new author's page to check out and "like".  Then come back to the blog and leave a comment based on that question for each day.  Participants who comment as such on each post will be entered into the drawing...

I introduced a little of me above, but I thought I would allow someone else to tell you a bit more about me & Barcelona Calling.  Here is an article from the September 2011 newsletter from Deon Stonehouse at Sunriver Books & Music:

Jane is well known and beloved for her historical fiction, books that tell the story of real women who made contributions to history. Her books inform, entertain, and keep alive the stories of women. Sunriver had a fabulous quilt show in August, so let’s mention a related book, Aurora is a non-fiction account of the quilts hanging on the museum wall and the women who created these works of art, because surely quilting is a work of art. The Emma Giesy trilogy, A Clearing in the Wild, A Tendering in the Storm, and A Mending at the Edge gives a good example of Jane’s passion for telling the stories of strong women. Emma traveled west from Missouri, the only woman in a band of scouts, made tragic choices in Willapa Washington, and eventually took part in settling Aurora Oregon. Jane has written of women doing many extraordinary things from running a wagon train to becoming a photographer in the early days of photography. But this time Jane has written something entirely different.

Barcelona Calling had a working title of Oprah Doesn’t Know My Name. Trademark issues required a different title, but the talk show maven is still a presence in the book. Annie Shaw is an author being published by a romance publisher. Understandably her publisher expects the books to follow the program, boy meets girl, boy gets girl (or vice-versa). Annie’s books don’t adhere to the format; they tell stories of people facing conflict and the choices they make in overcoming the obstacles in their lives. They are warm stories full of humanity but lacking in the girl gets boy department. As Barcelona Calling opens, Annie is sort of celebrating the completion of her latest manuscript with her sister and closest friends. But Annie is worried. She is on book 4 of a 4 book contract and sales of the last two have not been brisk. To make matters worse, her advocate in the publishing firm, her editor, is gone and she is interacting with a new editor. Annie is afraid she will be dropped, a very unsettling fate for an author.

Her friends start brainstorming on ways to raise Annie’s work to the top of the best seller’s charts. It doesn’t take them long to hit on a scheme, if they can only get Oprah to mention Annie, her worries (or at least her publishing worries) will be over. Thus begins a series of humorous escapades aimed at bringing Annie to Oprah’s notice. They are entertaining. Let me just give you one of the earlier attempts as an example. Annie has long been a cat lover, but Oprah is known to favor the canine crowd. The girls decide Annie will adopt a dog then take it to the dog salon Oprah frequents. Oprah being an ardent animal lover will no doubt be charmed by Annie and her pooch. It is a doomed quest. First of all, Annie having no knowledge of dogs selects a Jack Russell Terrier. The cute animal is sleeping peacefully in his cage at the shelter. Annie is blissfully unaware that for the Jack Russell there are only 3 speeds, sleep, cuddle, and full tilt boogie, with the last being the prevailing speed. Let’s just say that you could interpose terrorist for terrier and you would have an idea of the outcome of the dog salon scheme. No worries though, Jane Kirkpatrick, like Oprah, is an animal lover. So the terrier/terrorist is going to be okay.

Annie’s latest book is inspired by events in her personal life. She accompanied her sister to Barcelona where her sister, a cop, was competing in the International Police and Fireman’s Games. Riding a bus Annie is saved from a near robbery by a Spanish cop, sparks fly and a romance begins. But Annie leaves Jamie behind to return to her life in the states. He doesn’t want to give her up. When her agent and publisher discover the book has a real life love story, they want to exploit it for publicity.

As the schemes for becoming famous multiply Annie starts to lose sight of what made her write and of how she wants to live her life. Like all Jane Kirkpatrick books, Annie’s story has her facing challenges and learning. But this story is very funny too! Jane has written a modern story suffused with humor and warmth. Please come out and support this author as she stretches into new territory and does just fine.

Thanks Deon for a fabulous interview, and the opportunity to be introduced to you readers/listeners/shoppers again!

Participating in the contest? Here is your question:  Do you read books because you like the author, the genre, or recommended by someone? (if you want to comment as anonymous, please leave your name and first initial of your last name in your comment so you can be tracked each day)

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Would you consider writing a review at one of the online retail sites? Feedback is the greatest compliment, and all are honest!  Thanks again for being here and good luck with the contest!
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