A Simple Gift of Comfort- HALF OFF SALE!

A little bit about the book:
When my older sister was very ill and later passed away she said when going through a hard time you can't concentrate long enough to read an entire book.  Hence these short pieces meant to bring nurture.

Completed during a difficult time of personal loss and transition, the words in this book are meant to comfort anyone experiencing change and to support them through word pictures of natural images such as flowers and rivers, woven baskets and sand.  Many of the photos are taken by my husband, Jerry; the others by a good friend, Nancy Lloyd.  This is a very personal book for those who simply don't know what to say when a loved one is suffering.

The prose pieces are drawn from reaching out to friends and acquaintances, neighbors and relatives in the course of everyday life. Sometimes I may not know what turmoil troubles a friend, colleague or neighbor; I only know I wish to share their burden. I can do it best by telling them that someone has noticed their distress and offer to walk beside them for as long as they'll allow.

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