Addressing priorities: loss and event cancellations

Due to the death of our grandson by marriage, Tony Barajas on September 9, the Benton County Historical Museum event scheduled for 11:00am on Saturday, September 13, will have an adaptation: The two researchers - Dr. Bob Zybach and Janet Meranda - who brought Letitia's story to me will make presentations; signed copies of A Light in the Wilderness will be available for purchase along with other of my books. The museum staff has been marvelous in adapting and I am so grateful.  
Jerry and I will be attending the funeral for Tony Barajas in The Dalles, OR scheduled for 11:00am on Saturday. Tony was 28 years old. He married Mariah, our granddaughter, on August 4, 2014 and fought a fight against testicular cancer for four years. We were able to see him and Mariah last Saturday in the hospital. He was chatty, smiling, aware and so grateful for the woman at his side. He will be greatly missed by many. He has gone on to more life. In the book Orphan Train the author expresses a view of heaven that it is perhaps the memories of our best self kept alive in the hearts of others. If even a portion of heaven is such, then Tony's best self will be kept by many and we will all be a part of his heaven and he of ours. 

 The Willamette Valley Christian signing in Corvallis scheduled for September 13 from 3:-5:00 has been cancelled and will be rescheduled later. Kevin Ferguson the owner and a pastor met my heart when I called to tell him of Tony's passing, prayed for our family and opened the floodgates to tears. People are so good. Thank you for your understanding about these changes.

The Historic Soap Creek School event north of Corvallis, OR, from 1-3:00 on Sunday, September 14, will go on as scheduled with Jane's presentation, Bob Zybach's presentation and music by Truman Price. There is no electricity or running water there. Bring your hand sanitizer for the outdoor bathroom and your own water. We'll be roughing it like Letitia did...."