A Light In the Wilderness, Sneak Peek? (YES IN CANADA!)

Last week you might have read about my longing to be intentional with sending out mail to arrive at your front door or mail box.  With the release of A Light In the Wilderness approaching rapidly, I wanted to take an opportunity to send you a little something by snail mail and on line now and in the future.

Not only are you able to subscribe to my new snail mailing list, but as a little incentive, there is a giveaway and a Thank you, a "Sneak Peek" link to Chapter 1 of A Light in the Wilderness.

As it states in the Terms and Conditions, I do not plan to inundate your mail box.  Items mailed will be extremely limited.  Further, your information will not be sold to or shared with anyone.  The list is for me to use and to keep in touch with you, my readers without whom I would be a lonely writer. With you, I am connected to the world. Thank you.

FYI: after confirming the Starbucks gift card can be used in Canada, when purchased in the US, the giveaway has now been opened to Canada. (You're welcome!)

A Light In the Wilderness Giveaway- Street Address Capture