Amanda Cabot Interview {One Little Word}: Sincerely Yours Novella

"No doubt about it, I've been blessed" writes author Amanda Cabot. "I had parents who nurtured my love of reading and have a husband who's not just my best friend but who's driven tens of thousands of miles to help me research books and who, after all these years, still hasn't lost his sense of humor, even when dinner is late because I have "just one more scene" to write." Amanda is the author of two trilogies (that one can read in any order), a stand-alone book called Christmas Roses and her latest release Sincerely Yours where her novella is a part of a four-author collection.

"When people ask why I write, the answer is simple: it's part of who I am and who I was meant to be. I truly believe this is God's plan for me, and that's why it is my fervent prayer that my books will touch my readers' hearts and strengthen their faith in Him."

Interview with Amanda:

Your novella "One Little Word" has two of my favorite things: lilacs and a carousel. Can you share with readers how you decided to combine two such lovely images?

I've loved lilacs since the time I was a small child. The shape of the blossoms, the variety of colors and, of course, the wonderful fragrance all fill my heart with joy. One of my favorite places to visit when I lived in New York State was Highland Park in Rochester. I could -- and did -- spend hours wandering around the lilac bushes, trying to decide which one was my favorite. And, no, I never did decide. All I knew was that I wanted to have lilacs near me. Unfortunately, they did not grow well where I lived in New Jersey, but when I moved to Cheyenne, I was delighted to learn that lilacs thrive here. Are you surprised that the first shrub I bought was a lilac and that a number of others have joined that one to form lilac row? I didn't think so. All of that is probably more than you wanted to know, but it does explain why, when I started thinking about the setting for "One Little Word," I knew the resort had to be surrounded by lilacs. As for carousels, I developed an incurable case of carousel fever in 2000, which as it turns out, was the International Year of the Carousel. Coincidence? I don't think so. I've been fascinated by what are often called painted ponies and the men who created them ever since.

The research on carousels is woven in so well such as the tidbit about the size of the horses on the inner and outer rim or the names like the apprentice and romance sides. How did you discover those details?
I always enjoy researching my books, but I have to admit that the research for "One Little Word" was more fun than normal. That's because it included visits to actual carousels and museums as well as reading every book I could find about historic carousels. I was also fortunate enough to meet the staff at the Herschell Carrousel Factory Museum outside of Buffalo, New York. When I couldn't find a specific detail such as the type of engine that would have powered a carousel in 1892, they were able to help.

Have you ever ridden on the carousel on Coney Island or is it no longer there as it was in 1892 when your story is set?
Unfortunately, by the time I caught carousel fever, the majority of historic carousels, including most of them on Coney Island, had been dismantled, so I was not able to ride one there. But I have visited and ridden a variety of antique carousels, including ones in Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New York, Texas and Colorado. The one in Colorado was a surprise, because it revolves at a much faster speed than most. Who knew you could get dizzy on a carousel?

Like many young women, your character, Lorraine, is trying to find where she belongs. How did you decide to allow music and the arts to play into her future?
That's an intriguing question, Jane, and I'm not sure I have an answer. Unlike including lilacs and carousels, it wasn't a conscious decision. I think it may have been the result of the years of piano lessons I took and knowing that women of Lorraine's background would have been expected to be accomplished musicians. On a related note, when I read the other stories in Sincerely Yours, I found it interesting that music plays a role in both your "A Saving Grace" and Ann Shorey's "Lessons in Love." Perhaps we should have had sheet music as well as letters on the cover.

Can you tell us what you're working on now?
Although readers know me as the author of nineteenth century historical romances, a change is coming. My next trilogy, the Texas Crossroads series, will be set in modern times. Yes, I’m expanding to contemporary romances. The first book in the series, At Bluebonnet Lake, will be released in October. It was so much fun writing about a run-down resort inspired by a memorable vacation my husband and I took. Think about a roof that leaks – where else? – right over the bed and power that goes out just when it’s time to use the hairdryer. And then there’s cell service, or the absence thereof. My big city heroine is not happy, but then she meets … I don’t want to spoil the story, so let’s just say that there’s more to the resort’s handyman than she realizes.

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