Sincerely Yours Novella {A Saving Grace by Jane} & A little Gift for You!

Sincerely Yours is a novella of four letters (at the end of this post is a little gift for you!), each changing one woman's life leading her to discover things about herself and yes, maybe even finding love. My writing sisters for this novella are Ann Shorey, Laurie Alice Eakes and Amanda Cabot. Our stories are set in different historical periods but we are linked together by the idea of a letter making a difference in someone's life.

My story (they will all be released as separate ebooks after the initial trade paperback launch April 1, 2014) is titled "A Saving Grace." Grace is a music teacher for the large Eastern Oregon ranches at the turn of the century. She travels from ranch to ranch staying a week at a time. Grace's life is excruciatingly predictable until she receives a letter from the daughter of a friend, a child of eight asking Grace to please bring her mother home.

Grace's friend it seems has - in grief - taken herself to a remote hospital called Wilderness Heights near Olalla, Washington state, on Puget Sound. She is taking the fasting cure of Dr. Linda Hazzard. Both the child and the attorney who also wrote a letter to Grace, are worried and Grace decides to see what she can find out about this mysterious hospital and the strange ways of Linda Hazzard.

There are lots of metaphors about food in this story and about what keeps us "fed" and "filled up." What happens next involves yet another letter sent for rescue and Grace's encounter with a doctor working for the hospital. Tension rises as Grace's friend becomes weaker and Grace decides to take the cure as well so she can be closer to her friend and find out what's really going on.

I hope you'll find this story intriguing. It's really not too scary! But in fact, Dr. Linda Hazzard did exist and she did offer her fasting cure to sometimes disastrous results. I like stories with hopeful endings and you can count on this one being as hopeful as a letter received from a long lost friend.

Sincerly Yours releases April 1st and there will be another giveaway happening her during that time. Be sure to come back and enter to win!  If you are on GoodReads, there is currently a book giveaway happening over there till April 1.

Now, as promised above, is a little teaser for you.  4 chapter excerpts (one from each author).  Enjoy!
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