Signs of Spring

The first signs of spring are the crocus, at least that's what I always heard. While we were at our ranch sorting and closing things down for the last time I noticed crocus blooming in the small garden beneath the hot tub window. This is a photograph of crocus taken by Barb Bellin.

On the ranch, the first signs of spring were yellow bells with a sweet fragrance. Once I picked one and put it in my dad's shirt pocket. While we worked on "gopher patrol" every now and then he'd comment on a sweet smell wondering where it came from. I got to surprise him with the perfumed poesy in his pocket.
Bird Beaks were the real sign of spring on the ranch. This photograph popped up while I was seeking another. The hillsides would be covered with the purple and yellow blooms and I'd be encouraged that the snows of winter were at last behind us. Always the promise of spring appearing in the flowers. I'm so grateful.

What flowers bring you a memory or two?

Oh, and my Hulda Klager lilacs are budding out! Won't be long and I hope to be inhaling the memory of the lilac gardens and Hulda Klager's passion for her blooms. Here's to gardeners everywhere: spring is near....Jane