Promises of Hope

This is my screen saver shot of the John Day River. A Sherman County friend took it and sent it to me last summer. Doesn't it invite your toes to wiggle in the warm sand?  Or am I just missing Cabo this year....This is part of what we'll miss by selling the property but doing so now is one more promise of hope in a difficult time.

With the release of the devotional right around the corner (Feb 1, 2013) and it being a rather new book genre release, I thought it best to give you a small glimpse of what it has to offer.  Even in the midst of a very difficult time for myself personally, the encouragement certainly brings life and refreshment to my weary soul. Enjoy and please share with others.

Normally book information would be shared with you on the website, however it is going through a massive overhaul and new book information is not yet available.  Will certainly let you know when it's all there!  In the meantime, Harvest House has all the information you need. 

And for who enjoy reading a little piece first, this is for you...