It's Day 2 for the Where Lilacs Still Bloom Blog Hop (comments for Sandra Byrd)

Thank you dear friend Sandra Byrd for being today's host! 

Since Sandra doesn't have comments on her site, everyone has been instructed to comment here for your entry into the contest.  If today is your first day joining the hop and you are a little confused as to what to do, where to go, just visit here for instructions.  They are pretty easy, I promise!

Today's question (unless Sandra posted one):
What will you be planting this year in your garden? Or if you don't have one, what would be planting if you could?

A few other fun places to participate and engage.
  • Do you have a picture of last year's garden, or one that has just gotten planted? Let's see them! One place is on the Pinterest Community board, Celebrating Spring with Friends.  Anyone can participate, just visit the link.
  • Or the other place if you are not on Pinterest is Facebook.  Share your photos that speak of Spring to you on my Facebook page
  • In honor of Where Lilacs Still Bloom, Waterbrook Multnomah Publishing Group is giving away a membership to receive flowers for a year.  Enter here to win.
  • Don't for get to visit & comment on each blog so you can enter to win!
  • You can also follow me on Twitter, and you might find the monthly Story Sparks of interest too.

Tomorrow be sure to visit Cindy Woodsmall