First post on Where Lilacs Still Bloom

Thought you would find it here huh? Well, surprise! I posted the first glimpse of Where Lilacs Still Bloom over at RomCon.  If you are a hopeless romantic this is a great website to find romance titles with some honest reviews.

romcon badge

Here is a little bit more about them: We are unapologetic romance fans! RomCon was born from a deep passion and appreciation for the stories that resound in each of us. RomCon was created by romance readers, for romance readers and has a dedicated staff of amazing volunteers who help us with everything from posting blogs to organizing events and even designing computer graphics and programming. We have a growing list of fabulous author friends excited about meeting readers and planning fun events at our annual convention. We are women (and a few fellas) who love to read, love to chat, and really love to combine the two!

So head on over. Would like to hear your thoughts on the post! have an opportunity for first dibs on a copy of the book!