Christmas Wishes

      Just sent my Story Sparks off for formatting and distribution.  I hope you're on my email list (or visit the website to join up). Now I have a few more details to attend to:
     Getting ready for a party at school for the English Language Learner program I've been volunteering for this past term.  I've discovered that when it comes to math at least, I am NOT smarter than a fifth grader. My young charge is tutoring me!
     We have friends who helped us with The Land of Sheltered Promise that we haven't seen for a long time and they are coming for dinner tonight. Hurrah!
     Tomorrow I'm meeting with the pastors from First Presbyterian to explore writing our own Lenten Series book along the line of Living a Better Story or the Stories of Our Lives.  Several other writers will join us for a workshop on Saturday morning that I'm supposed to lead but I'm counting on the gifts of the writers to make it a community project.
     On Thursday evening I have a computer rescuer coming to help me figure out why Word is changing all my PDF files into Word so I can't open them!
      On Friday, a massage.  She's doing a great job on my body and get this for small world:  Her dad is the father of our granddaughter's best elementary school friend AND her father-in-law is the former psychologist at the clinic when I was the director there.  Great credentials!
    Then Friday evening dinner with good friends who I used to work with at the mental health clinic. Jeannie is still working with me, helping with bookkeeping.  Hurrah!  Tax time will be so much easier next year.
     Saturday is the workshop on Story; Sunday we attend our last service before flying on MONDAY to Florida!  We better get packing finished somewhere in the next few days, too. It will be a warm Christmas for us with Jerry's daughter and family. We'll only miss the dogs but we have our Homestead friends tending to them while we're gone.
      The new year sees me focused on my next novel as yet unnamed but it'll have a name by this time next week when I'll be working on the author's questionnaire for my publisher.  This historical novel is the last in my contract with WaterBrook Multnomah so who knows where my writing will lead me.  It will be my 19th novel and 21st book with them...hard to believe.
     Jerry is out getting wood in; the dogs are cheering him on. The sun is shining brightly and the tree -- a Turkish Fir -- bring us great joy given to us by good friends  We wish you the great peace of Christmas, the great joy of the season and the warmth of  the light that is Jesus reflected in your hearts all the year through.  Warmly, Jane