Mother-Daughter Stories of Secrets, Reflections, Life lessons #6

A Mother’s Tough Love
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from Missy
My mom is an amazing woman. Her and my Dad were divorced when I was eight years old and my sister was eleven years old. She had no job, no education or anything to take care of my sister and I. We were the last two of eight kids from my Dad, I've only met two of my half siblings. My Dad was an absentee father, so my mom was on her own. We moved in with my grandparents while my mom went to work at a daycare. She was able to go to nursing school through a program for unwed mothers. My mom worked full-time and went to shool part-time while trying to raise two girls on her own. We eventually moved out of my grandparents' house and were able to get our own apartment. My sister started using drugs by the end of her Junior High years. My mom fought hard to get her the help she needed, It took years, but my sister finally cleaned up in her early 20s. My mom had to show her tough love several times! , but she never trned her back on my sister. I cannot imagine how hard it must of been for my mother, especially the time my sister tried to kill me with a butcher knife when she was high. My mom was able to hold my sister accountable for her actions, protect me from her influence all while still loving both of us. I never touched drugs or alcohol thanks to the church bus ministry my mom sent me to growing up. My sister is now clean and sober with two children, I am happily married although the Lord has never blessed me with children. My mom is married to a man who started drinking again after they were married four years ago and she has to work full time at a nursing home and she is 64 years old. I don't know how she does it. I have an amaing mother!