Mother-Daughter Stories of secrets, Reflections, Life lessons #3

On my facebook page last month I announced a story contest in honor of The Daughter's Walk my novel about an 1896 mother-daughter journey  walking from Spokane to New York City and the years after. The winners have been chosen!  Each of three will receive a special prize as well as a signed copy of my book.  Runners up were also chosen and their stories will be posted here during the first week in May. They'll receive a signed copy ofThe Daughter's Walk.  Thank you for participating and making this Mother-daughter Day a great story occasion!

A Mother’s Life-Lessons:
By Patsy Bell
My family, by today's standards, was poor. But we did not know it. We were raised in the mountains of West Virginia surrounded by black berry bushes, wild roses and rows and rows of pastel colored Irises. The roads were sandy and arched with saplings that let the sun peeped thru. I loved living in the "country" and my mom hated it.
My mother worked very hard to provide me and my three sisters. She was creative, thrifty, wise and a true artist.

There three bits of wisdom I heard repeatedly over the years and I have passed them on to all who will listed and doing them has changed my life.

"You can't always have new, but you can always have clean".

"If you want new, but can't have new, move items around in your home, it will feel like a new place".

"Do the task you dislike the most first, master it, and get it out of the way. 

Mama, I love you.