A contest in honor of you, your mother and perhaps a daughter, too

In this shot, Clara Estby is standing next to her mother both wearing the new reform dress donned when they reached Salt Lake City on their walk across America in 1896.  Clara's story is chronicled in my latest novel due out April 5 called The Daughter's Walk.

A Mother-Daughter Story Contest

The Daughter’s Walk reflects the challenges of a mother and daughter as they overcome a family misunderstanding where triumph and grace return to their lives.  Clara was never a mother...I'm telling a part of the story here; but she had a mother -- as do we all.  In honor of the book and Mother and daughters, I'd love to read your Mother or Daughter Story! 
                Story Suggestions?  A long-distance story about you and your mother, a first-time mom story, a loss your mother overcame and how it affected you or how about a secret revealed that proved to be a delight rather than causing a family schism?  These are just a few ideas to get you thinking.  Maybe your story is only a portion of something larger you're working on but are willing to share.  Three prizes will be awarded in various categories as well as a few runners up…All prizes will include a personalized copy of The Daughter’s Walk.  Winners will be announced on my website the week of April 18th and in April’s Story Sparks.
                I'd love to post your stories on my facebook page, include them in my Story Sparks newsletter, and possibly my website.  When you submit your story you are acknowledging that you are giving me permission to reprint your story.  If you would not like to give me this permission I need you to state as such (I understand some stories are sensitive in nature). Please be sure to sign your name as you would like it to appear when reprinted.  Your story will not be used for any other purpose.  In the interest of space, please keep your stories to a limit of 1500 characters.  Submit the story via my web page: http://www.jkbooks.com/Pages/contact.html.  Or you can leave your story on my blog comment section at http://www.Janeswordsofencouragement.blogspot.com   Remember, you don't need to think of yourself as a writer in order to write your story.  You just need to show up and write!
                The contest begins on March 26 and will end April 16th.
Thanks and happy writing. Warmly, Jane