In all Seasons, Harvest

     July 28, 2010:  I couldn't help but notice the wheat.  Is there a golden color that is as rich?  After reading the last National Geographic issue about the human price of gold as a metal, I find even greater joy in looking at this kind of gold.  Harvesting it demands energy and people power as the combines chug their way across the fields and the grain trunks sit like baby birds awaiting the feed into their bins before "flying" off to the elevators for storage or shipment to places like South Korea and Japan.  These wheat heads link us from our little Starvation Lane road to places on the other side of the world.  And while we don't raise wheat, we drive past the wheat fields when we head the seven miles to our mail box.  I made Jerry stop and take a picture even though it was in the middle of the day and the sun tends to wash out colors then.  But this photograph still captures the vastness of a people who  live by the seasons.  Planting, waiting, harvesting. It takes me back to my roots in the Midwest where we did raise grain, oats mostly, fed on our farm to the cows we milked.  I'm working on other kinds of plantings and harvesting today...writing stories.  But couldn't pass up sharing this wheatland with you.