The Cows are Back

Yes, after selling them off in 2007, we have a few cows back.  Twenty to be exact.  Jerry says they'll eat the hay from last year that we didn't sell (see it in the photo?) and they'll eat the hay and oats in the field so we won't make new hay. Saturday morning I helped get the feeder in, tightened up the panels, got ready for the neighbors bringing them down.  (By the way, the neighbors took Stan the goat home with them so he's happy with sheep and horses galore!)  A few are heifers and they'll be returned to the neighbors when the feed is gone.
   Jerry says he'll sell our fourteen steers in January.
  "No later than December," I say. The idea of trailering them to the sale when ice is on the reptile road does not appeal to me at all!
   We've already had the first disaster when a gate thought closed wasn't.  Monday morning a few escapees headed down river.  Matt and Jerry came into the house around 10 (I'd been up since 4:30working on my book and I thought the corral looked a little empty) saying cheerfully that they'd gotten them all back in.  "I didn't know any were out," I said.  And Jerry said "Why do you think we didn't tell you?" Well, because I would have called them the stupid cows or stupid us for getting back into the bovine blues.
    I suspect he'll sell them in December and I do agree it's a good way to use up the hay.  We'll accommodate and I suspect that's one of the reasons why we'll celebrate our 34th wedding anniversary next week.